Fowler 11/13 Tyne Cultivator
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The model is based on the original Fowler Drawing No's 63102, 55527 being a Fowler 11/13 Tyne Cultivator. Manufactured in 1926. Fitted with 11 or 13 tynes 4 x 1 at 12 centres.

Additional information was gained by taking photos and measurements of an existing, similar cultivator.

Cultivating with steam engines usually required two engines one each side of a field, pulling a cultivator between them with a steel cable.

Each engine pulls the cultivator in turn before moving forward, ready for the next pull.

At the start of each pull the pulling cable lifts and turns the cultivator ready for the operator to then lower the tynes into the ground.

The photo below is similar to, but not the same as, the model.
george_king_woodturner039007.jpg george_king_woodturner050001.jpg
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